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Water Park

Golf Course

Shopping Center


Pay System

Token Purpose

  • Off-line FANTARA World service payment

    • ​Hotel / Condo / Golf, etc. Resort products

    • Tourist products such as ropeway / shopping centers

  • On-line FANTARA content

    • Online mall entry​ Deposit

    • ​Game Money


  • Security verification through smart contract debugging and vulnerability checking

  • Building an attack detection system and firewall

  • Building a DDoS attack defense system

  • User information encryption and privacy protection

  • Provides multiple security systems for wallet services

Technology Stack

  • The FANTARA project utilizes various technologies to issue and distribute tokens.

  • FANTARA Utilize the technology stack to construct and operate the ecosystem


  • Token issuance and management : STO LAO Development Sole Co., LTD 

  • Total issued : 1,000,000,000 units

  • ​Scheduled supply : 600,000,000 units

  • ​Precision (decimal) : 18

About FANTARA Token

  • Used in tourist complexes such as ropeway(cable cars), hotels, and resorts in Laos

  • Exchange for points at FANTARA World or use them for various FANTARA services

  • In the future, when new tourism resources around the world are developed, they will also be used in those regions.

  • Providing benefits to tourists, local residents, and blockchain users, contributing to the local economy

Development direction of FANTARA Token

  • Integrates with the real-based economy to grow into a rational and valuable token

    • ​Physical payment system for complex resorts / tourist complexes / shopping centers, etc.

    • ​FANTARA World partner / delivery / supply contract concluded through smart contract system

      • ​​Application of collateral token staking system to guarantee delivery / supply contracts

  • Provides various services through multi-platform FANTARA Hub

    • ​Multi wallet service equipped with various functions

    • Providing various services through our own development team

    • Supports development of various DApps through external developers and provides reward tokens

  • ​Provide regular public security testing and rewards for more safety and various function

    • ​Perform regular public security testing to ensure security and service trust

    • Provide compensation tailored to participant ranking and report value

Block Chain  Based Payment System

  FANTARA WORLD : Used in Laos tourism complex

Token value stabilization plan

Supply a certain amount every month

  • Tokens are continuously supplied to the market in a certain amount every month according to demand.

  • ​Plan to set the price of additional supply volume considering the monthly market price

Burning of Tokens

  • System to prevent market shock Incineration

    • Recovery Incineration of part of tokens

    • ​Scheduled rate, Continuous incineration

Token Reuse

  • Resupply of recovered tokens

    • Measure the value of services that can be provided and supply tokens in a fixed quantity to meet demand

    • Retrieve tokens when demand exceeds plan. additional supply to the market

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