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Technical Overview

Technology Stack

The FANTARA project utilizes various technologies to issue and distribute tokens, and utilizes the following technology stack to configure and operate the FANTARA ecosystem.

  • Smart contracts based on Ethereum and Tron

  • Tron TRC20 base token, tron scan Check through

  • Block-chain wallet service and security technology

  • IPFS (Interplanetary File System) distributed storage and security technology


The FANTARA project has prepared the following measures to expand the ecosystem and handle large-scale traffic in the future.

  • Secure scalability by implementing based on Tron network

  • Utilizing distributed database using IPFS

  • Technical research and development for performance optimization

  • Ongoing upgrades and maintenance in response to technological advancements

1 Billion Issued

​600 Million

Regular installment distribution

150 Million

Reserved portion

150 Million

Team bonus

100 Million

Bounty / Bonus


 FANTARA token provides services safely by taking the following measures in terms of security.

  • Security verification through smart contract debugging and vulnerability checking

  • Building an attack detection system (IDS) and firewall


  • Building a DDoS attack defense system

  • User information encryption and privacy protection


  • Provides multiple security systems for wallet services


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