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Introduction to FANTARA TOKEN

FANTARA Coin It will be used in the FANTARA project and The FANTARA project is based on the real economy and aims to contribute to nature and humanity by improving the quality of life and regional development, further developing many underdeveloped regions in the world and developing tourism resources, and developing a complex tourism complex in Laos. Business is the first step. 

​Token Ecosystem

Currently, the function of FANTARA tokens is simply used to exchange with FANTARA points, and the exchanged points can also be used to use services within the tourist complex.

 Hotel / resort accommodation, ropeway ride, war Teo Park entrance, luxury stores, various shopping All paid additional services of the hotel (lounge, convention center, performances, etc.) Accrue mileage after paying for accommodations, ropeway rides, and water park admission

 The accumulated mileage can later be used on all FANTARA mileage accumulation services in each region.

​Used to selectively enter and utilize personal information through a unique identification number assigned to each individual's DApp-wallet and receive compensation for receiving the information.

 The user's sensitive information is not handled, and the only information that can distinguish the user is the public key given to the DApp-wallet and the random ID fixed to the individual, and this is cross-verified to distinguish the individual.

Used to support and reward DApp development for various FANTARA economic systems

 Reward teams that publicly propose various economic models, participate in development, and provide results above a certain level to the ecosystem

​ Through this, a diverse ecosystem is created

Assignment Ratio

Token Quantity

Token Assignment



Periodic Installment Distribution



Bounty / Bonuses

Team Bonuses









   Token issuance

Subject of token issuance

Managed by STO LAO Development Sole Co., LTD through the FANTARA project team, the total issued quantity is 1 billion.



FANTARA token establishes policies to prevent price fluctuations and market intervention in consideration of FANTARA World's service scale and growth potential.

   Distribution of tokens


FANTARA tokens are supplied to the market in a certain amount every month for continued use rather than token sales.

Bounty / Bonus

To prevent technical issues related to token issuance, rewards are provided to external participants through a bounty program.

Team Bonus

FANTARA tokens provide token / coin rewards to technical participants who form and develop the blockchain ecosystem.

Reserved Portion

Separate from token supply, reserves are managed and incinerated after use to prepare for special purposes or emergency situations.

Token Management

​Token Metrics


Token Metrics

Token contract information

  • Technology Base: TRC - 20

  • Issuance contract: TBMN2V2eLKtLdH1gqwRouhXNivqaXf2nqa

  • Token Explorer:

  • Functions of token: Pausable, Lockable, Burnable

  • Token usage: Utility, Payment

  • The mainnet launch and coins are mentioned in a revised white paper after the project goal is reached.

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